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Direct Mail Facts

Is Direct Mail Marketing Right For Your Business?

Direct Mail is a great way to introduce your business, product or service, announce a sale or event, promote brand awareness or develop leads for your sales team. The advantage of direct mail is that it can be targeted to the needs and interests of your customers and potential customers. Think of increased sales as your target,and then imagine a targeted list as an arrow carefully aimed at your target audience. It will hit the bull's-eye every time, while a "shotgun" method aimed at reaching potential customers using newspaper ads, billboards, broadcast media or email blasts to mass audiences most likely will miss the target. Direct Mail is the only media that can be so "spot on". Although sometimes, a direct mail campaign partnered with e-mail or other media can further enhance marketing efforts.

Mailing lists using current technology offer an unlimited number of demographic and geographic choices to pinpoint the best prospects for your product or service. Direct Mail can be personalized and flexible in size. For example, oversize postcards, self mailers, letters with variable data in envelopes, mailing tubes, flat packages, boxes - the possibilities are many. A good design, an attention getting headline and a targeted mailing list are key to successful direct mail marketing.

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